Matt Rhule will learn more about Joe Brady once season begins

Matt Rhule has learned a lot about Joe Brady in the six months since the Panthers new head coach hired Brady as his offensive coordinator. The relationship, though, remains in the new phase.

With no on-field offseason program, the two missed an opportunity to figure more things out. But even then, Rhule and Brady won’t learn all there is to know about the other until the heat of the battle.

“The reality is — and I say this because Joe’s become very close with me — I’ll have no idea, really, about Joe Brady until we get to the season,” Rhule said, via Myles Simmons of the team website. “You really can’t find out about what it’s like to coach with a guy until things go bad. When you’re getting booed off a field and all heck is breaking loose, that’s when you really find out about people.

“Everyone gets along in the offseason. Everyone loves everyone in OTAs. You find out about your locker room; you find out about your coaches, you find out about yourself when things go wrong.”

Brady, who left LSU to coach in the NFL, impressed Rhule with what the offensive coordinator was able to accomplish virtually.

“The reason why I wanted to hire Joe was at LSU, he ran a version of the Saints’ system,” Rhule said. “As a college coach, I studied NFL tape all the time. Obviously, with them being in the NFC South, I have so much respect for Sean Payton, their system, their ability to consistently execute and play at the highest of levels. And so you see Joe with his own take put on something that’s really strong fundamentally and sound fundamentally.”