NASCAR memo warns teams to tighten up mask-wearing

NASCAR has been able to return to racing, even letting a few spectators in at certain places.

And they want to make sure they can continue to.

According to Nick Carboni of, NASCAR sent a memo to teams warning to tighten up “pockets of complacency” in regards to their COVID-19 procedures.

That’s going to have be top-of-mind for NFL teams as they return to camp. Bucs coach Bruce Arians said this week he made a point to communicate to his staff the need to set a good example for maintaining the right standards

“I brought the staff in for that reason, to make sure they all bought into the protocols, that we all walked the right way in the hallways and had our masks on. I jumped on a bunch of their asses because the players aren’t going to do it if we don’t do it.”

That seems to be NASCAR’S point, as the memo said they were “seeing more and more vanloads of crew members rolling up to the track without masks on, and people wearing their mask down around their chin.”

That came with a warning that if rules weren’t followed it “will threaten our ability to continue racing.”

“More people in our industry are going to contract the virus,” the memo read. The key is limiting it. It is important for everyone to do their part ALL THE TIME. One cluster outbreak can derail our season.”

Seven-time champion Jimmie Johnson missed last week’s race because of a positive test, but he has since been cleared to return.