Lost Creek Wilderness
Colorado Midland Centennial Trail   |   White Ranch Park   |   Lost Creek Wilderness

Date of Hike: 10/09/2004
Distance: 10 Miles
Elevation Gain: + - 2386
Hike Time: 5.5 Hours
Map Name: Shawnee, CO ( 7.5 Minute )

I put this hike together to find two Geocaches located in the Lost Creek Wilderness area just south of Baily, Colorado. The red marked trail was planned using a standard topo map for the area. I used trails that were shown on the map and proposed a route to get to and from Geocaches, bushwhacking when necessary. I also wanted to get a good feel for the area so I extended our hike to take up a full day. The yellow route marked on the map indicates our actual movements.
I was joined on this hike by the Garrett sisters who I have known for nearly 20 years and have hiked with before. A year before this hike we were in Hawaii trekking on volcano's. Unfortunately my dog Molly had split a nail and had to sit this one out. This was our first visit to this Wilderness area and we were happy to finally explore it. We did find both Geocaches and saw some beautiful country. As a bonus, we enjoyed the aspen in fall color.

Note numbers on left correspond to note numbers on map.
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2. Junction #607 & #637
3. This trail is now closed
4. Krazy Keeko's Killer Kache GCG37Q
12. Ayla's Amazing Cache GC1B3C
14. View NNE
15. View N
16. View NNW
19. This part of the forest is dense with a
lot of down falls.
21. This part of trail not used now.