White Ranch Park
Colorado Midland Centennial Trail   |   White Ranch Park   |   Lost Creek Wilderness

Date of Hike: 10/17/2004 , 10/24/2004,  9/10/2005 & 10/30/05
Distance: 20.7 + Miles (Total of four hikes)
Elevation Gain:
Hike Time:
Map Name: Ralston Buttes, CO ( 7.5 Minute )

White Ranch Park is located west of Golden Colorado off highway 93 at Golden Gate Canyon Rd. Molly and I have visited this park four  times. We have mapped out our travels for each visit and added the trails to the map above. So far we have mapped 20.7 miles of trail in the park. In addition we have located 17 trail intersections, drinking water and picnic/camping areas. We will continue to map this area over the coming seasons. Below are some photos from some of our trips so far.