Colorado Midland Centennial Trail
Colorado Midland Centennial Trail   |   White Ranch Park   |   Lost Creek Wilderness

Date of Hike: 07/25/2004
Distance: 5.5
Elevation Gain: + - 780'
Hike Time: 4+ hours Including lunch and sightseeing.
Map Name: Homestake Reservoir, CO ( 7.5 Minute )

The Colorado Midland Centennial Trail can be reached from Leadville by taking Lake County Road 4 around Turquoise Lake. Turn onto Forest Road 105, the Hagerman Pass Road, and continue for about 5 miles to the parking area. A sign describes the trail and gets you on the right path. We actually traveled from Rudi Reservoir on Pitkin County Road 4O. This is a rough road and took a long time to travel. Everything we owned was on the floor of our camper. I suggest taking the road from the Turquoise Lake side of Hagerman Pass.
The trail is on the old RR Grade (see Map) so its incline is very gradual making the hike most enjoyable. The views are great for the entire hike and the remains of Douglas City can be seen along the trail. As you hike, look around and you will find old stuff discarded by those that lived here so long ago. At one point on this hike you stand overlooking where a Railroad Trestle once stood spanning the valley. I'm sure, It would have been very impressive to look upon and even more impressive to ride across. On our visit the wild flowers were abundant and made sitting in the alpine foliage for lunch, a very special event. If your are a Geocacher, your in luck, as a virtual cache is located on this hike also. GC6F70