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When hiking the trails of Colorado I always take my fanny pack with me. Inside are the bare essentials for hiking in the back country. Over the years I have perfected the contents by adding and subtracting items until I found a combination of stuff that is light, yet provides substantial support in case of emergency. In cool weather when an extra jacket is needed I use straps located on top of the fanny pack to secure it. If I need even more space for winter clothing or my video camera and tripod I transfer the contents shown below to a larger day pack. If I'm just Geocaching, I add my Palm Tungsten T2 to the # 4 & # 9 Group and hang that on my belt.

1. Mad Dog Fanny Pack
( All Items in photo fit into or on pack)
2. Small gear bag to hold First Aid Kit items in # 3
3. First Aid Kit Items:
First Aid Booklet
Small patch bandage (4 )
4 in x 4 in Sterile Pad ( 8 )
3 in x 7/8 in Strip Bandage ( 8 )
Mini Strip Bandage ( 5 )
1 Pkg. Mole Skin w/ Heal Pads
1 Roll 1" Flexible Gauze
1 Roll 1/2 " Waterproof Tape
Ace Bandage ( 1 )
Cleansing Towelette ( 2 )
Alcohol Prep Pad ( 2 )
Salt Tab 10 Grain ( 4 pks of 2 )
Ammonia Inhalant ( 2 )
Antihistamine ( 12 )
Zantac 75 ( 4 )
Chap Stick ( 1 )
Ibuprofen ( 12 )
Space Blanket
Deep Woods Off
4. Camera case with Ditty bag for Geocaching items:
Trade Items
Signature Cards
Camera ( Olympus D-560 )
5. 1 qt Nalgene Bottle and Z-Kreation Holder
6. 10X Gore-Tex Jacket with Hood
7. 50 ft 3/16 Nylon Rope
8. Doggie Poop Bag ( 3 )
9. E-Trex Yellow with Homemade Leather Holder
(1 set Extra Batteries not Shown)
10. Hot Hands lg. ( 2 )
11. Topo Map, Compass ( Silva 7NL )
and Scale (1:24,000 Scale 1 second interval )
12. Midland F-12 FRS 2-way Radio
13. AA Mini-Mag Flashlight with Headband
(1 set Extra Batteries not Shown)
14. Whistle
15. Power Bars ( 2 )
16. Fire Kit:
Bic Lighter
Military Issue paper matches
25 Stick Matches in waterproof holder
Magnesium Fire Starter
Steel Wool in film canister
17. Swiss Army Knife ( not shown )

Even with the above items, there is plenty of room left in my fanny Pack for various snacks and a lunch if needed. I like to eat as I hike so I always take plenty of edibles. If more than 1 QT of water is needed for my day hike, my pack has pockets located on either side of the main compartment that allow a 16 oz size Nalgene to be inserted. If even more water is needed I usually switch over to a full size daypack and add an additional 1.5 qt container. I have never needed more than 2.5 qt's of water for a day hike, although I always have plenty of water in my vehicle for rehydration during the drive home.

Molly's Gear

Molly's gear is strictly for day hikes in the mountains.
If we are hiking in an arid area with no water source, I will carry enough supplemental water for both of us.
For local Geocache hunting Molly only needs the leash and Treats.

1. Kelty K-9 Pack
2. Flexi 3-8 Long 26' Retracting Leash
3. 8 oz water container (4)

4. Bear Bell
5. Assorted Treats and/or Dog Food
6. Outward Hound Packable Dish