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" I Use A Multi-Billion Dollar Military Satellite System To Find Tupperware In The Woods"
What Do You Do? Source unknown

 Geocaching is a game that combines the use of a handheld GPS receiver, the Internet and the great outdoors. I wrote a story about the game and it can be found HERE.

How the Game is played:
The Geocacher's Creed from
Safe · Legal · Ethical
When placing or seeking geocaches, I will:
Not endanger myself or others
Observe all laws and rules of the area
Respect property rights and seek permission where appropriate
Avoid causing disruptions or public alarm
Minimize my and others' impact on the environment
Be considerate of others
Protect the integrity of the game pieces
The Geocacher's Creed is a voluntary set of guiding principles - it describes how geocachers in general act.  It's designed to orient new players to the ethos of the geocaching community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations, so that everyone can enjoy geocaching.

A person hides a container. At a minimum the container should include a log book to record finds. This person then posts its location, in latitude and longitude, at
Another person, such as myself, inputs the location of the cache into a GPS receiver and attempts to find it.
If the cache is found, a note of it's finding is entered into the log book.
If other trade items are found in the cache, " If you take something then leave something", rule applies.

There are many other variations to the game but these are the basics.

The rules for the game are simple:

Take something from the cache
Leave something in the cache
Write about it in the logbook

My wife Sonja, My dog Molly and I make up a Geocaching team we call "Team Trail Walker". After playing the game of Geocaching for the last few years I can safely say "it's addicting". I don't feel compelled by the numbers like some are, but I do feel the need to find Tupperware in the woods on occasion. I personally don't care to find the small city "Micro" (film canister size or smaller) Geocaches or even the urban "park and grabs" (no hiking involved) unless it's located in a nice city park or a town I've not visited before. My favorite Geocaches are the ones that require a little extra effort to hike to, and a little extra effort to find. I also enjoy a puzzle cache now and then if they aren't too complicated. I'll explain it this way. My first love is hiking with Molly and if I can add to that the adventure of finding a Geocache then I'm one happy camper.

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