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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I finished work a little early today so I searched out a few Geocaches. The first two caches I found, (GCWT9N) Thunder Cloud #1 and (GCK0HY) Foreign Coins, were your typical in town caches. The third cache, (GCQ7WB) The Hollow, had me "stumped" for a bit. I looked and looked but came up empty. Re-reading the cache description, I noticed that the terrain was listed at 3.5 stars. This had to be the clue I needed, and it was. I wont give it away any more than that. Good Job! Nice Hide!

Posted by Craig
Sunday, September 24, 2006

After doing chores around the house, I took Molly for a long walk through Marcy Park  and around Redstone park. Along the way we found two Geocaches, (GCY2NY) Shelly's 40 and (GCYBQE) Redstone Cache. We also made a stop at the dog park but Molly wasn't interested in playing today, so we walked some more. A very beautiful day.

Posted by Craig
Thursday, September 21, 2006

I've been working on a "Signature Trade Item" for a while now, coming up with several designs and refining the stuff I like until finally being happy with something I want to trade. I have already traded some of my early works, no since in wasting good swag, but I'm looking forward to this weekend when I trade my final (for now) version. see it HERE.

Posted by Craig
Monday, September 18, 2006

We just returned from our final camping trip of the season. We spent four days at Turquoise Lake near Leadville, Colorado. The weather on this trip made camping at 10,000 feet interesting. For the most part, it snowed Friday afternoon and all day Saturday zapping all the fun out of fishing. So, Molly and I did a bit of hiking and even found a Geocache (GCXPG0) "Raspberry Cache" in the snow. Things cleared up on Sunday so the three of us hiked a trail to Timberline Lake in the Holy Cross Wilderness area. The aspen fall colors were awesome and the company the best. Monday, we found five Geocaches on our way home including several in the mining areas around Leadville.
A great end to a great summer!

Posted by Craig
Sunday, September 3, 2006

Molly and I returned to the high country today to climb Square Top Mountain, 13,794'. We were blessed with a Colorado blue sky day, perfect for a high altitude hike. Our trek ended up being about 7.5 miles with an elevation gain around 2200'. We made a loop hike out of it by climbing up on the East face and returning down the South East. The hike up was very steep in places requiring the use of hands to climb. Molly did better at this than I with her 4 paw drive. I think I enjoy the 13ers more than the 14ers because there is substantially less people on the weekends.

Posted by Craig
Friday, September 1, 2006

I spent the day Dove hunting with a long time client and friend , Steve. Not to many birds flying about, probably because of the severe thunderstorms in the area the past few days. Steve and I rounded out the day by shooting some hand thrown clays.  A Great Time!

Posted by Craig

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