Signature Trade Items
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When trading items at a found cache it's common for the finder to trade a signature item. A signature Item is defined at Geolex (The Lexicon of Geocaching) as:

Signature Item An object used (as) a trade item in caches, that is meant to be identified with a specific geocacher (or group of geocachers). As such, some people actively collect different Signature Items. Some Signature Items, like some GeoCoins, have unique identifiers that allow them to be tracked. For example, digitalfish can be tracked on-line, like Travel Bugs.

For some time we have included a Business type "Geocaching" card in caches we find. We also use a small label to log the find in the log book. Recently, we have made 2 1/4 inch buttons with our logo on them to trade as a Signature Item. I suppose that the older cards are somewhat of a collector item as we have changed our logo several times over the years, limiting the number cards to just a few. O.K. maybe not a collector item but a rare item none the less.

Our Current Signature Items

This Signature Button is used in our first hidden Geocache, "Homesteader Cache".

Signature Swag
(Signature Items we have traded for)