Butterfly Pavilion
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  Recently we visited the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. Even though his was our second visit to the bug zoo, I was looking forward to our trip with great anticipation. What's so special about a place with lots of insects? I asked my self that same question. Think of it like this, Your walking along and a butterfly flits by and lands on a flower in front of you. What is your reaction? If your like me, you will stop and admire it's beauty for as long as it sits still. How beautiful and fragile, not to mention the metamorphosis it goes through to get that way. Now imagine a room filled with tropical plants and flowers. In that room, 1200 free flying butterflies. One can hardly take a step with out seeing a butterfly of another type, color and size. The beauty of it all turns my brain to mush!

Visit the Butterfly Pavilion your self and you will see what I mean.
 Here are a few photos of our last visit. Enjoy!

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The Butterfly Pavilion
6252 W. 104th Ave.
Westminster, CO 80020