Coyote and Antelope
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Observation by Craig Kimble

Using my field glasses, I made the following observation. In the spring of 1991, on a grassy hill not far from my home in Colorado, I watched a group of three Antelope move down a hill to a three-wire fence. With great ease the Antelopes, one buck and two does, slid under the fence to graze on the other side. Into my view appeared a coyote on the opposite side of the fence form the antelopes and further up the hill. The coyote worked his way down the hill towards the antelope in a stalking manner. When the coyote was immediately across from the antelopes he ran under the fence and nipped at the buck antelope then running back to the other side of the fence. In response, the buck chased the coyote as far as the fence then walked back to the does who remained in the same spot as if unconcerned. The coyote nipped at the buck in the same manner three more times with the buck chasing him back across the fence each time. On the last time the buck antelope surprised the coyote by slipping under the fence and with his horns hit the coyote in the haunches. The coyote ran back up the hill with the antelope in pursuit until they disappeared from my view. The does seemingly unconcerned grazed up the hill in the direction of the buck and also disappeared.